For instance, it’s imperative to identify whether substance use disorders will be treated concurrently or independently, and what other professionals may be part of the care team. Taking drugs or combining them can aggravate mental health symptoms and make them worse. This includes using substances on top of prescription medications for mental health conditions.

  1. Genetics, family history of substance use, stress, trauma, and accessibility of drugs are other factors that can contribute to polysubstance use.
  2. Finally, a notable indicator of simultaneous multi-substance use is that the majority of opioid-related overdose deaths involve multiple substances (see “Health and Safety Consequences” below).
  3. For example, one study noted that in people who use opioids, almost all of the participants used opioid or non-opioid substances together.

Mixing multiple depressants together is extremely dangerous because these drugs work to depress the central nervous system which regulates heart rate, respiratory rate, and brain function. Other factors include environmental ones, such as the influence of home on a person during their childhood, i.e. if a child has access to a stable home and support from family, he or she will be less likely to fall into addiction. Drugs interrupt brain communication pathways by binding to receptors and altering the processes in the brain.

Nucleus accumbens, OT olfactory tract, PAG periaqueductal gray, RPn reticular pontine nucleus, SC superior colliculus, SNr substantia nigra pars reticulata, VP ventral pallidum, VTA ventral tegmental area. Because each drug affects each person differently, and each person reacts to drugs in his or her own way based on a number of biological and psychological factors, polysubstance abuse can be hard to spot. For example, the signs of abuse of a stimulant, such as cocaine, will differ greatly from signs of abuse of a depressant, such as alcohol. Combining two substances such as this can mask the effects of each, making identifying the specific drug of abuse more challenging. Because polysubstance abuse involves using multiple drugs, the first step in treatment is detoxification.

Polysubstance Addiction Treatment

Never take pills that did not come from a pharmacy and weren’t prescribed to you. When you overdose, you may experience potentially life-threatening consequences, including permanent damage to bodily organs. Both substances can be dangerous and place users and even local community members in danger.

As of 2014, 7.9 million people had a co-occurring mental disorder and substance use disorder, NAMI reports. Treating co-occurring disorders can be more challenging, as it’s important that both disorders are properly diagnosed and treated or a person’s recovery outcome may be affected. People who began using substances at an early age are more likely to develop cbt for alcoholism and drug addiction addiction later in life, the NIDA states. How a person abuses a drug is also a factor—when a person abuses a drug by a method of administration that produces instant effects, such as by smoking or injection, he or she is more likely to quickly develop an addiction to it. Polysubstance use can make it difficult for someone to be consistent with treatment.

Polysubstance Abuse And Co-Occurring Disorders

Benzodiazepines are commonly prescribed along with opioid analgesics and are commonly misused by those who use illicit opioids [63, 81], and the combination has been implicated in increasing the risk for overdose [51, 57, 63, 81]. Both benzodiazepines and opioids inhibit respiration so that the effects of the combination may be additive. The program will support clinical trials to study service delivery and treatment approaches for people who use multiple substances at the same time, with a particular focus on opioids and/or stimulants. This research will pave the way for larger clinical trials by developing research methods and interventions.

Substance use Disorder Medications

Fortunately, a holistic and individualized treatment plan can help you safely detox and begin a healthier, happier life free from substance use. Continue reading to learn more about the signs and dangers of polysubstance misuse and how to get help. Treatment of polysubstance use is more complicated than treating a single SUD and requires additional planning and coordination that may involve outside agencies. The posterior probabilities of the best-fit latent class models identified for AUD, CaUD, OUD, and TUD criteria with respect to the three CoUD subgroups.

Therefore, substance use can make a person more prone to impulsive decisions. Unfortunately, there are multiple challenges to implementing CM for polysubstance use. There is also a large and growing body of evidence that quitting smoking increases the likelihood of recovery from other substance use disorders. The long-term result pregabalin abuse in combination with other drugs is a tolerance increase, meaning individuals need increased doses of prescribed meds to feel the same effects. Mixing alcohol with stimulants is erroneously thought to fight the drowsiness-inducing effects of alcohol. However, the negative effects of these drugs are hidden, so individuals will not observe and take charge.

Mixing drugs and alcohol

A one-way ANOVA for continuous variables and a Chi-square for qualitative variables were used to evaluate significant differences between the extracted clusters and characteristics of patients. You’ll have access to a compassionate and qualified medical team who can provide safe detox, evidence-based therapies to help you recover, nutrition guides and other care professionals who can help you restore health and wellness. Polysubstance use has multiple negative consequences because the chemical interactions between these substances amplify their effects. They also increase the activation of the other monoamine systems, serotonin and norepinephrine [70].

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